Woman of Contradictions

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Life is Unpredictable!

Life is unpredictable! Almost all of us have heard this one time or another. We tend to agree on it as a universal truth. But do we accept it whole heartily? Not Really!! Maybe very few of us are able to accept it but acceptance with grace is even rarer. No confusion here yet no one has ever imagined the scale of uncertainty we are facing right now; News Channels, newspapers, calls from friends and family, all are reinforcing that we are all so helpless.

As I have been a sucker of positivity, and possess optimism to the core of being delusional. I focused my view to list down the things I can be grateful for; leading me to lots of reflections and introspection, bringing out a plethora of memories creating new theories of life, resulting in some obvious and not so obvious conclusions. One such thought was the happy, deep, and venerable time I had with my friends, most of them being women. And I also got to see a newer perspective about the beautiful tribe of women who are an integral part of my life and surroundings.

Here I’m trying to frame my mental churning into a blog, and I’m sure that many of you will feel grateful to be a part of this clan of “A 40 something club” of women living in a progressive city.

This is how I started writing my gratitude:



“I’m blessed to be a part of a 40 something club of women living in a progressive city. I am blessed to be surrounded by women who have somehow dug out the elixir of life for themselves. 

I am blessed to witness the way they have changed their world. They have mastered the transition from the postcard era to the pacey era of e-mail, more to even surfing on Insta and Snapchat. But the biggest transformation in all of them was internal. A big philosophical shift from “I love selflessly” to “I love myself the most

Their latest mantras are, “I am enough. I love me. I celebrate myself, and so on.”

And this was the beginning of some beautiful reflection- About the women in my life. 

Most of these women I will be talking about are from a comfortable blanket of socio-economic stability. Many of us have achieved it through professional success. We have seen the transaction of a small town to a big city and have endured various pressures. Most of us have gone through the struggles of survival and learned to swim through changing demands of survival. We did not just survive, but thrived and came out as more confident with a deeper understanding of the value of self-worth.

These are women of contradictions! 

They value their families. At the same time, they have discovered their own ways to break out from dogma. To explore and enjoy themselves by honoring their desires. 

They still believe in festivals and all those cultural nitty-gritty, and at the same time, they also know how to break free whenever it is needed for their own happiness. Many of them are trying to explore their spiritual values rather than just being religious as the previous generations.

I personally know a few of them who are breaking the social mindset that ‘spirituality is all about detachment from all enjoyment and fun’ picking the best virtues of 70s bohemian vibes. 

You can find them discussing the Gita over a glass of scotch. Yes, they feel no shame in drinking, dancing, or even in expressing their sexuality. This is a tribe of women who believe in being modern with an ancient value system. 

She is a woman who travels far and wide but knows well how not to get lost. A woman who drinks but knows how not to get drunk. Who is comfortable with her own skin & body,  yet every day works out for its betterment. 

I’m in love with this modern woman who is just not a caring mother but a more understanding mother-in-law, a supportive wife. 

She knows how to celebrate the success of other women, she has broken the bone of jealousy long back and thrown it far away.

She is the one who celebrates life, and most importantly her identity is no more a tag of being a daughter, wife, or mother. She is an individual woman who is on a constant quest of being a happier human.

I am proud to be a part of them. Are you also one among us? If yes, let’s come together and build our tribe, let’s fill each other with strength and joy in these tough times. Yes, we can! and we will glide through this storm and come out stronger! 

Let’s tag every woman who you feel, fulfills even 50% of these qualities. Let the world know who we are and we are f*** freaking proud of it.

Nandita Sharma, CoFounder Zaivic Tech-Wellness Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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  1. Simply loved it and I think not just 40 something but this is a beautifully written Odyssey of a modern day woman. This piece is a celebration of being a woman and so beautifully expressed. Much love.

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