Power of Perception

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We, the new era human, are taking great pride in our advancement of technology. We think with pride that we are becoming modern and more equipped in adapting new culture and customs. But the truth is, the more we are evolving materialistically the more we are getting involved in inner farrago of contradictory emotions and unsettled feelings. 

A classic clash of identity versus personality.  

We are so busy changing our surroundings and appearances that we fail to learn that the motive of growing is not to be wearing so-called modern, expensive clothes, rather it’s more about realigning our thoughts to not just match outer scenarios, but to calm inner turmoil as well.

Sudden change in the world scenario in the last one year has taught us a lot. The biggest life lesson was to understand the value of the flow of life, awareness that we have no control over life’s outset, and our experiences purely depend on our perspective.

 For few of us, this was time to connect back with family, nature, and most importantly to themselves, for others, it was the time of greatest mental, psychological and emotional trauma. Being locked down with their family was a source of anxiety and depression.

Isn’t it seems funny, the way power parameters of success and being modern were crashed in no time?

While countries were on lockdown, fancy cars were holding no power to impress friends or acquire pride, we certainly understood the value of our own immunity, the true horse power we possess. But once life started back on track, the auto industry got its boom, and the race to own the biggest, swankiest car was back in no time. 

All fancy dresses and accessories were locked in our cupboards while the world was in quarantine. It lost all abilities to make us feel beautiful or to boost our ego. But it took us no time to forget the lesson that what matters most is the fabric of our thoughts. Balanced emotions are our best accessories. And a healthy body mind and spirit are our biggest assets. 

It was a God-sent opportunity to rethink and rearrange the standards of living. And the only way to do so permanently is to recreate our perspective. Away from undeserving rigid notions of the society of success and happiness.

 It is time to learn to listen to your heart; To understand who you really are deep inside; Without the filters of other people’s ideas and opinions. It is time to read your own mind to know what makes you truly happy; What fills you with joy and when you can feel a new flow of life.  

And then you finally learn to unpack the source of never-ending joy.

Nandita Sharma, Co-Founder Zaivic Tech-Wellness Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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