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Little heart holds weight of secrets, emotions, & our complex situations. Still it never miss a beat. We just let it suffers. What to do right?

Just immerse yourself in this read and then decide what to do.


“Our Hearts,

Hold secrets of our past,

Pain, betrayal, 

Rejection, & insults, 

Every emotion with power

To tear us apart.


It feels the burden,

Bears the brunt 

Suffers in silence 

Tolerates the stings

Yet holds on,

Never revealing a part.


We know 

It is innocent,

Yet we punish it,

As if, it has

 Committed the biggest crime.


We make it suffer 

We make it cry 

It tears with pain,

Till all our tears get dry. 


Now is the time 

To Be kind,

What’s hidden in heart,

Let’s Rewind


Hunt the treasure 

Disguised behind

And open the channels

Between heart and mind.


It is your heart

This is your life.

Give it a gift of catharsis.


Pick up a pen 

Pour the pain on a paper,

Or choose your words 

To be a scraper.

Clean it, 

Heal it,

And give it a new life. 


Change your story,

Bring in the light.

Gather all courage,

And face the fear.


Believe me!

 “The future will be bright “

Once your Heart is 

Happy and light.”

Nandita Sharma, CoFounder Zaivic Tech-Wellness Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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