Mind Zones


In this era of cashless money and driver-less cars, why are we still stuck in 18th century when it comes to matters of mind? Zaivic-The Mind Spa provides innovative de-stressing solutions, resulting in better physical, emotional and mental health. By providing a multi-sensory experience that helps to reduce anxiety, tension and stress using multi sensory simulation, Mind Spa works on principal of brainwave synchronization also known as neural entertainment. We have two different mind zone solutions:


Power Station

(Alpha Workspace)

A unique concept, to have dedicated experience zones in offices to rewind and relax when stress is running high. A person can have better control of emotions, clarity of thoughts and enhance rational analyzing capacities by investing time as low as 15 min. Zaivic’s these installation will definitely help employees to encounter stress and increase productivity.


Recharge Point

(Sleep Station)

Sleep stations are dedicated place for power naps and mindfulness meditation. We all know that power naps can enhance the performance of our brain significantly. This is difficult to achieve most of the time in a busy
stressful office day. Power zone is the magical solution for this problem.



A relaxed person is a productive person. We need to learn to relax in the middle of a stressful day at work. This increases our productivity. To relax, we need to alter our state of consciousness.  Humans have been using light and sound to alter our state of consciousness for thousands of years. Primitive cultures used flickering fires and rhythmic drumming to induce these altered states.

Zaivic is a multisensory experience. It uses the concept of brain wave synchronization to help your mind in achieving a stage of mindfulness. In simple terms Zaivic is Tech-meditation that helps you learn to reach deeper levels of relaxation easier and faster.

Our brain has nerve cells that fire electrical signals day and night, forming distinctive arrangements called brainwave patterns. These highly unique patterns are closely connected to your thoughts, emotions, moods, biological chemistry, everything you do etc. However, these brainwave patterns can be altered via external non-invasive stimuli like lights and sounds & smell.

Brainwave synchronization is a simple way of quickly tuning the mind to a beneficial brainwave frequency for deeper sleep, stress reduction, emotional healing, and overall improvement in physical and mental health.

If you are searching for relaxation, the elusive moments of calmness and clarity, for a quick break in a hectic life, or even if you are interested in self-improvement then Zaivic is for you. These tools are a fresh approach that has worked for many others and will most likely work for you. Your mind and body deserve to be calm and stress free. People find it helps in better focus, concentration, learning, creativity, energy, clarity, visualization and peak performance. 

Zaivic is a very safe experience with no side-affect known. It is as safe as any device that generates flickering lights (such as television, video games consoles etc). However, we don’t advice it to people suffering from any sort of epilepsy, visual photosensitivity, brain damage

The benefits derived from zaivic tech-meditation increase over time.  And it varies on a person to person basis, some people experience benefits the first time they try one, with immediate feelings of calmness and restfulness. Others start to see significant improvements after few sessions (5-7) - with continuing progress.

The changes can be subtle at first. You may start to find that you have more energy and that your sleep patterns have improved. You may find yourself becoming less angry and reacting to stressful situations in a more controlled manner. You may find that your attitude to life changes and that you have a greater sense of balance. These changes are often gradual and might take you some weeks to notice.

Zaivic tech-meditation works on same principal as TV/MOVIES. So you can use it regularly. As a general guide, you should use it at least three times per week to get best results.

Yes, we can design personalized sessions to give you best outcome suitable for your lifestyle and needs.

No, you don’t get addicted to this experience but at the same time you start seeking lifestyle, which helps you to say in control.

Or we can say its like exercising; incorporating Zaivic to your regular life can have various good effects on you overall health including not just physical health but also mental, emotional and Psychological well-being.

Practicing mindfulness/meditation (tech/traditional) can be very effective in helping with sleeping difficulties. Many things can cause sleeping difficulties. Zaivic helps to deal with one of the primary causes - mental stress. Stress can manifest itself at night as an overactive mind. The mental chatter we carry on inside our heads can overwhelm our ability to get a good night's rest.

There are multiple sleep devices available in market which works on same principal, using 1-2 stimuli, zaivic is an advance non wearable version, so more comfortable to use and provide much better results.

In a more general way, Zaivic will improve the way you handle stress and will condition your mind to be quieter and calmer. You will also notice improvements in physical and mental well-being and this will have a cumulative effect in improving your sleep patterns. Along with this we at Zaivic also have special programs related to sleep which help improve the your quality of sleep.