"Dharmyudh" against Covid-19

Once Krishna and Balram were walking through a dense forest. It was a scary forest full of fierce animals and demons. Suddenly a demon came before them. Balram was petrified seeing a demon and asked fearfully, “Who are you?”. The demon answers, ”I am a demon the size of your fear”.

After hearing this, Balram got more scared and the demon grew bigger. The bigger the demon grew more scarer Balrama got and seeing him grow more Balram fainted.

Then the demon turned his attention to Krishna. He said, “I am a demon the size of your fear.”

Krishna looked at him nonchalantly and started playing his flute. The demon grew smaller and smaller until he disappeared. When Balram got up he was surprised to see this and then he realized his mistake.

Today, we are living in this scary time and the demon is growing bigger as of the size of our fear. We need to overcome it and let our faith win over fears that is inside our mind.

Let’s make a conscious effort to have our faith in good things in life.

1. Meditate and Keep Calm – Your positive energies can make your immunity higher and the being happy can raise your vibrations

2. Relax Your Mind – Listen to good music, dance, create art, and cook or do whatever that makes you happy.

3. Hear, Say, and Listen to good things. There is a world beyond #COVID19

4. Spend time or talk to people who uplift you instead of those who bring you down.

5. Stay safe but be kind and loving too. People need healing and love in such times.

Let’s remember that faith conquers fear anytime and any day.

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