ZAIVIC, is inspired from Sanskrit word ‘Jaivic’ which means “pure and divine”. We strongly believe that each and every human being holds Divinity. Zaivic is essentially, a tool to connect to your own essence through mindful meditation thus the name Zaivic.

Zaivic not just helps you to understand who you are but also helps you to become the best version of yourself.

Inspired by Vedic philosophy of SAT-CHIT-ANAND, we strongly believe that basic nature of a human psyche or the ultimate goal for all of us is to remain in a stage of blissful joy.


Why Zaivic

The moment we start diverting from our path, we start losing the connection to our own wisdom and life starts turning into a series of uncontrollable stressful events. When the same thing happened to our founder Nandita, she took a rescue in science, to understand the functioning of mind and to reverse this process. It has not only changed her life but also made her mission to spread awareness, so no one has to suffer and Zaivic is the solution. In simple words, Zaivic provides you with the instruction manual, to use your mind and brain to its optimum through mindful meditation.

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Science behind Zaivic

From thousand of years human beings have been using light and sound to achieve, altered states of consciousness. We all are aware about use of flickering fires and rhythmic drumming to induce these altered states in ancient times. Now with advancement of science & technology, we got to know that our brain has nerve cells, which keeps firing electrical signals day and night, forming distinctive arrangements called brainwaves. These highly unique patterns are closely connected to our thoughts, emotions, moods, biological chemistry, functioning of organs etc.

However, these brainwaves patterns can be altered via external non-invasive stimuli like lights and sounds. By inducing light and sound to these brain states we were able to gain greater control and efficiency of brain usage. Furthermore, improvements in relaxation, memory, creativity, stress management, sleep disorders etc. This is the concept behind Zaivic. To enhance the overall affect we have also added the use of aromatherapy, which itself is a useful means of dealing with stress and anxiety.